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    Why Kloud?

    At Kloud we value long term relationships with our customers and we pride ourselves on keeping the best interests of your business at the heart of everything we do. We like to get to know our customers operations – what you do, how you do it, identifying where we can get you better value enabling you to do things better.


    We have an expansive breadth of experience and the relevant knowledge to help you manage IT and find you the most sustainable, future proof IT solution that is perfectly aligned with your company’s needs and goals. We appreciate that for IT to work best for you it has to work as part of what you do not the only thing you do.


    Kloud is your local IT Partner:

    • Our office and all our staff are based in Limerick supporting an impressive and growing client portfolio locally, nationally and internationally.


    Kloud implements a smooth transition of IT services:


    • If you are frustrated or dissatisfied with your current IT support levels and wish to avail of Kloud services, our team of experts can fully manage the transition of your services from in-house or outsourced IT with no interruption to your business.


    Kloud provides high quality IT services:

    • We deliver an excellent customer experience with all support calls and emails answered promptly by our experienced IT professionals.
    • We offer a broad range of IT services including but not limited to software development, SharePoint solutions, Sooner solutions, networking & technical solutions and support services.
    • Our dedication to quality control through the use of prototypes and rigorous testing ensures we can deploy high quality robust IT solutions.
    • We offer quick resolution on support issues minimising the impact to your business.
    • We value long term relationships with our clients taking time to get to know their business, how it works and how we can add value
    • We build extensive relationships with our service providers ensuring we can provide our customers with the most up to date IT services.


    Kloud provides cost effective IT services:

    • Our aim is to provide the best value and highest return on investment for every IT service we provide to our customers.
    • Through our IT solutions we seek to provide reliable performance, improved service and increased productivity while reducing current maintenance costs.
    • We guarantee clarity and transparency in all our service contracts and pricing plans.